Titanium Powder For 3d Printing

Titanium Powder For 3d Printing

Titanium powder
Mesh:from -60 mesh to -325 mesh
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Titanium powder for 3d printing

Spherical titanium powder particle size range

0-45μm 120s/50g 45-100μm 25s/50g

45-150μm 25s/50g 0-180μm 30s/50g

Mesh: -60 mesh、-80 mesh、-100 mesh、-150mesh、-200mesh、-325 mesh.


1)Additive manufacturing (3D printing).

2) Thermal spraying

3)Cold spraying is a metal spraying process.

Titanium is a very good metal material, its strong strength, low density, hardness, high melting point, corrosion resistance, and high purity titanium has good plasticity, is an ideal metal 3D printing material, can be used for automotive, aerospace, medical and other fields to print high-quality metal components.Therefore, the application of titanium in the field of metal additive manufacturing and the demand is increasing.

Titanium powder to Japan


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