Titanium Coil Tubing

Titanium Coil Tubing

Material:GR1, GR2,GR9,GR12, etc
Size: determined according to the drawing
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Product Details

Product introduce

Titanium coil tubing is made according to the drawing,the most commonly used :Gr1,GR2,GR9,Gr12

Product details.

It is mainly used as a container of heating and cooling, the fixed way divided into detachable titanium coil and not detachable, depending on the material of the medium and the corrosion of titanium coil, but detachable type is most in design, it is convenient for titanium coil maintenance and cleaning, general production according to customer's drawings.

Titanium is corrosion resistance, heat resistance,high strength, low temperature toughness and fracture toughness are better than stainless steel.The density of titanium is 4.51g/cm3, which is higher than aluminum but lower than steel, copper and nickel.(note: specific strength = the ratio of strength to density), so it is mainly used for heating and cooling various containers.

Titanium coil tube, titanium tube is mainly used in titanium heat exchanger used to heat or cool the medium in the pipeline.

1. Material:GR1, GR2,GR9,GR12, etc

2. Standard: it depends on the standard of selected titanium tube

3. Size: determined according to the drawing

4. Process performance:

1)Flattening test: the pipe shall be flattened and no cracks shall appear on the surface when it is pressed to the specified distance.

2)Flaring test: the pipe shall undergo flaring test. The core taper of 60° is used for flaring. After flaring, the expansion of the sample's internal longitude is in line with the regulations, and the sample shall not crack.

3)Liquid (gas) pressure test: the pipe shall be tested by water pressure or air pressure.

4)Non-destructive testing: pipes with external diameters of 10mm~60mm shall be inspected by ultrasonic or eddy current and shall comply with GB/T 12969.

5)Appearance quality: the inside and outside surface of the pipe is clean, without visible defects such as crack, folding, peeling and pinhole.The weld seam of welded pipe is fully filled and smooth.

5. Material characteristics of titanium coil tube

1)Strong damping resistance

2)Non magnetic, non toxic

3)Good heat transfer performance

4)Low modulus of elasticity

titanium Coil tube


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