Tungsten Foil

Tungsten Foil

Our main products:
Tungsten foil, Molybdenum sheet, High temperature molybdenum sheet
Tungsten plate, Molybdenum plate, TZM plate, high temperature molybdenum plate
Tungsten square plate, Molybdenum square plate
Tungsten disk, Molybdenum disk
Tungsten sputtering target, Molybdenum sputtering target, Molybdenum niobium sputtering target
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Product Details

We can provide various square, round, or banded tungsten molybdenum materials, sheets, plates, and vacuum annealing treatment.Tungsten foil and other pressed products produced by our company have excellent physical properties and are widely used in vacuum furnace industry to produce tungsten and molybdenum insulating screen, tungsten and molybdenum heating body, furnace support frame and container, coating industry to produce tungsten boat, molybdenum boat and cathode, as well as electronic industry to produce tungsten target material, molybdenum target material and various tungsten and molybdenum deep processing products.

Tungsten Foil

Tungsten sheet and Tungsten foil size:

Thickness(mm)Width (mm)Length(mm)
1.0 -1.54001000
1.5 -3.03001000
  > 3.0300 L


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